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Tammy McCann

500hr RYT

Yoga For All

Vajrasati | Hatha | Restorative | Pranayama | Meditation | Sound

I believe yoga is for everyone – no matter your shape, size, age or ability, you can benefit from this deep and profound practice.


Kindness is at the heart of my teaching. When we move and breathe with kindness, our body and mind opens like a flower. Yoga is all about becoming free, and kind awareness gives us the best start. With kindness, we soften and relax, we nourish ourselves and renew our strength. The benefits of kindness go far beyond the mat. It starts with you, and then your relationships, and then your connection with the world. Everyone and everything benefits when yoga and kindness become part of your life.


upakr̥ti kindness

happy body, happy mind, happy world

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Classes and Workshops

Nourishing Yoga


6-7.15pm - Zoom only


1.15-1.55pm - About Balance

(in-person or Zoom)

 Yoga for Stress Relief


6.1-7.15pm - BNHC


5.30-6.30pm - About Balance

(in-person or Zoom) 

Outdoor Yoga


10-11.15am - Queens Park, Brighton

Starting April 2nd

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8.15-8.45am Zoom only,

no charge


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Restorative Yoga - monthly - next one June 19th

Yoga & Art Therapy - coming up


Keep updated about classes and workshops




Tammy’s yoga classes are relaxing, rejuvenating and fun! She has a very gentle and inclusive teaching style, encouraging you to listen to your body and move in a way that feels right for you. Her experience with meditation and connection with nature also shine through in her classes, bringing a unique element to her teaching. Highly recommended. Hannah - Wellness Coach


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I have been fascinated by yoga, Buddhism, spirituality and alternative therapies for over two decades. After years spent sitting in an office, I began travelling and this opened my eyes to the possibility of an alternative way of being in the world. Meditation retreats, Ayurvedic massage training and yoga teacher training followed and I now love living in Brighton, sharing my experience and learning more through teaching.

I trained with the Vajrasati school and found my home in yoga due to its heart-opening and creative style that is grounded in the teachings of the ancient texts. Practicing yoga for me is a way of 'getting out of my head' and allows me to find spaciousness in my being. Through this I find that I can be in the world in a much more grounded, connected and loving way. I love all elements of yoga: its philosophy, the exploration of body/mind through asana practice, meditation and mantra. My intention is to teach in a mindful, grounded yet playful way which is beneficial for all.