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"Absolutely love our Tuesday evening Zoom class. Tammy always hits the mark - somehow she manages to produce a class that directly tackles my particular needs that day without knowing what they are!

Tammy's classes are different every week which keeps them interesting, and she naturally brings joy and laughter to them too!"

from Yoga for Stress participants

"I come out of the session feeling like I'm floating - on an oxygen high from actually having breathed properly for a whole session. My anxiety is reduced, I feel more able to cope, and the sessions give me something really therapeutic to look forward to"

"...the sessions have been very calming, stabilising and grounding."

"...less stressed, muscles less tense, less pain"

"I've been more grounded into reality"

"Tammy's outdoor classes are brilliant. A great balance of stretching, strength and meditative postures for an all round feeling of being refreshed, energised and calm afterward. And a light breeze and sunshine, much better than an indoor studio! Tammy's teaching is also a breath of fresh air and sunshine. I always feel cared for by her clear, experienced and fun approach to teaching. I wouldn't be without it in the summer months!"

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"Yoga in the park was magical! What not to like about connecting with your body while watching a blue sky, the tops of the trees, listening to the sound of birds or children playing in the background. Tammy's gentle style makes the self-discovery work and groundness of it all even better."

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