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A joyful evening exploring Yoga and Art therapy

Last week we had the most joyful evening co-housing a workshop with Nicky Rowand from @Art Therapy and Mindfulness.

Such a beautiful evening at Stanmer Park with the sun pouring on us and the trees witnessing us. We started by appreciating and befriending the trees in our space, moving into a tree meditation, moving then into our somatic yoga practice to continue the process of softening our edges, quietening the mind, and connecting in. We then moved into creative practices to explore our relationship with the nature we were inhabiting in relation to our inner nature.

The practices weaved so beautifully together and it was an honour to witness everyone deepen into the earth, move and breathe with the trees, and be present with the art making.

We haven't set a date for the next one yet but get in touch if you'd me to let you know when we have.

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