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Is emptying the dishwasher yoga?

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

We open our eyes, and then life begins again....but what we do next really affects how we feel for the rest of the day. What do you do? Not a question to make you feel guilty, or think that you should be doing something else, but to reflect and see if there might be a change in habit that could be helpful.

For me it varies, sometimes:

* I meditate, this has not been easy path, as meditation is difficult with busy minds in a busy world. Some days I practice for 5 minutes, some for 20 and other days longer. Sometimes I sit quietly, noticing what arises, not attaching, then seeing it pass, sometimes I listen to led meditations. But I really notice the difference in my day if I don't do any, I feel more scattered, less grounded and less resilient. I'm so grateful to have this in life and to be able to share it in my classes. 🧘🏻‍♀️

* I journal, when my mind is really busy I love to do free writing, which is just writing!! not trying to write anything in particular, but letting the words fill the page, it releases the busyness and makes more space. Or if feeling more spacious I will be more creative and write/draw connecting to a part of life I'm reflecting on. 📖

* Tidy and empty the dishwasher, this might not seem like practice but the thing is, as with everything, it's how you do something, not what you do! If you empty the dishwasher with awareness, being present as to what you're doing, and even bringing metta in - but it's just a plate? No it's the product of conditions, the materials used, everyone involved; in the factory line, designing, marketing, selling, everyone who has eaten off it...the list is endless...🍽️

Then either before or after one of the practices above I move, to wake up to the day, to get the prana flowing, to bring fluidity through body/mind. This could be tapping, or a longer asana practice, but I do it everyday and it makes such a difference, to me and everyone I encounter in the day. 🙏🏻

These are just some ways to start your day, ways to deepen your connection with yourself, so you can be more open and balanced in the world and have more meaningful communication with others. The ripple effect!

How do you start your day? Would love to know. Or if you try one of these let me know how you get on... 🧡

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