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What you getting me for Christmas then?

Read my latest NEWSLETTER.

Hello friends,

Christmas is looming, the lights are up and shops starting to get full of plastic tat. It's that time when the questions start - 'What are you getting me for Christmas then?!'

I do love giving but the thought of buying more stuff for someone just because you're meant to has never made sense to me. Recently it was a friend's big birthday and we clubbed together and bought her a spa day. She loved it - and the best bit was we joined her and got to share the experience - I won't go on to tell you about being in a bubble pool under the trees :-)

So how about giving your friends an experience instead of more stuff?

Here's the sales pitch- I am delighted to offer gift vouchers to any of the workshops below. These include 'Restorative Yoga', 'Move and Breathe into Winter' and 'Back to Nature'. If you can't decide which one to give you can buy a voucher to be used at any of the workshops, so they can decide themselves. You could also buy them a set number of classes. I can make tailor-made packages- just ask!

Or why don't you buy yourself a voucher? You deserve it!You can give it to yourself on Christmas day and open it with your other presents. Why not?!

I hope the festive season is kind to you and you can find time to look after yourself. Look forward to seeing you soon, you can find my regular classesbelow.

With kindness,


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